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Hi, my name is Jackie Wrout

I offer counselling sessions in which you and I would work together to find out how to overcome present discomfort and difficulties, to deal safely with the emotions that arise and that may be stopping you from moving on, and to help you find the resources to free yourself from unhelpful blocks so that you can approach life feeling more empowered.


I offer clinical supervision for counsellors, offering support to discuss issues in confidence, where there is the opportunity to work together creatively to enhance your work and fulfil your professional requirements. I also supervise workers in other areas of support in the voluntary and care sectors, to help you maintain a healthy work/life balance.


Wellbeing coaching is discovering and implementing how to get the best from yourself, your attitude and behaviour. We would work together in a goal-focused way. However, if more deep-seated issues arise, we can also deal with those in a safe and healing environment.

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