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A little bit about my work...

I’m a counsellor because I believe in the power of acceptance and understanding to heal many issues and discomforts we have with ourselves. Counselling, or ‘talking therapy’, is a way of exploring who we are, how we got here and how to move on, within a safe, boundaried and confidential relationship. I listen and try to help you express yourself, your truths, your feelings. We don’t look for ‘blame’ or fault.

My practice is person-centred with an integrative approach, meaning that I will be guided by you to look at and talk about the things you want to explore and will bring in a range of perspectives, thoughts and ideas from different models of therapy that seem most relevant or helpful to you and your situation. You’re the expert on you - I’m not!

How do we start? Get in touch via my contact page (phone, text or email), tell me what you feel OK to share and we’ll probably have a short conversation to decide whether you want to book a first session. In that session, I’ll ask for a few personal details (name, address, emergency contact, GP) plus your permission to hold this data in compliance with GDPR.  Each counselling session is 50 minutes long.

I work from my counselling room in Pott Row. Due to Covid-19 regulations, I am currently working via Zoom, Skype or telephone and take payment through bank transfer.

You will need to have a space or room to be in for sessions where you are: free to speak openly, honestly and without being overheard (confidential and private); are comfortable and relaxed (so you are not distracted); have a good phone/WiFi coverage so we’re less likely to be cut off or have glitches in the communication (although we’ll agree beforehand what to do in such circumstances).


Issues I deal with: Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Panic Attacks, Bereavement, Past abuse, Relationship issues, Building self-esteem and confidence, living with chronic illness, trauma

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